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fresh, cheeeesy, delicious

our selection of world class cheeses

  • billy the kid

    Our Goat’s Cheddar. A twist on a timeless classic. Sharp and crumbly, a family favorite. CUISINE 2013 Bronze Medal

  • chevre

    Fresh goat’s milk curd, slightly citrus, excellent with a drizzle of maple syrup, delicious!! CUISINE 2012 Champion Goat Cheese, CUISINE 2013 Gold Medal, CUISINE 2015 Bronze Medal, CUISINE 2016 Silver Medal.

  • halloumi

    This semi-hard, squeaky cheese is very tasty. Grilled or barbequed it is perfect on salads, skewers or on its own. An excellent meat substitute for vegetarians.

  • ricotta

    Made from full goat’s milk, it is creamy, slightly sweet. Perfect for cooking or making dips with.

  • cajeta

    Caramelised goat’s milk caramel with a floral hint of spice. Try it with a sharp, salty cheese, or over pancakes, yoghurt or ice-cream. Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards 2017 Finalist.