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our goat’s milk is of the highest quality

Our goat’s milk is of the highest quality. Our goat’s milk is sourced from a GE free dairy goat farm which is almost next door to where we produce our cheeses, so our carbon footprint is kept as small as possible.

The milk is stove-top pasteurised in small batches. This procedure allows for pasteurisation of the milk, while retaining the milk’s original attributes intact, contributing to the sensory qualities of the final product. The spent whey is collected and used as a food supplement by a local organic, free-range pig farmer, and no preservatives or stabilisers are added to any of our products during manufacturing or maturing procedures.

While the fresh cheeses are ready to be consumed immediately after manufacturing, other cheeses need to mature under specific humidity and temperature conditions to develop their characteristic flavours and texture that identify them as Cilantro cheeses.
Once ready for consumption, our cheeses are packaged to preserve their best condition before bringing them to you.