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say cheese

it is often from these cheeses that we discover something wonderful

Mônica Senna Salerno and Jenny Oldham were both research scientists at Ruakura. Mônica is from Brazil but has Italian heritage and lived in Italy before coming to New Zealand in 2001. Jenny grew up in the King Country eating generic, five pound blocks of cheese, like most Kiwis.

We began making cheese at home together in 2008. Our cheeses soon became very popular with our friends and workmates. This was one of the driving forces behind why we felt compelled to take the next move and start making cheese commercially, so we could share them with a broader audience.

Our background in science has given us both an advantage, as we see each new cheese as a bit of an experiment. In fact we have the ¡Ay, caramba! line of cheeses. These are the ones that didn’t quite work out as anticipated, but it is often from these cheeses that we discover something wonderful, and people keep asking for more!

Our aim with Cilantro is to produce beautiful artisan cheese, while being able to experiment on new variations of traditional cheese making techniques.

we hope you love our cheeses as much as we love making them